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Cost Effective Dental Care

Updated: Jun 8

Start your financial plan today.

If you live in either the United States or Canada then you understand how big of an expense dental surgery can be. Even if you have insurance you are typically left paying for everything out of pocket. I know for a fact in the U.S. you can't find all of your dental needs at one location. If you need a 360-degree x-ray you have to go to a specialist. If you need a periodontist you are driving to another specialist across town. Not only that- the cost is astronomical! Dental care in the United States is for all intense purposes broken.

In 2018 I found myself needing in depth dental care. I was avoiding the subject due to the immense cost in the U.S. Obviously this only compounded the problem. Please keep in mind my smile still looked great. I mention this only to make you understand how outrageous the cost was in the U.S. It’s not like I was a jack-o-lantern roaming the streets.

I simply needed a gum graph on my bottom lip and surgery on a back molar. The estimated cost in the United States: $11,000!

This is where my search began. Through careful research I discovered Cancun Dental Specialists. Of course, I was hesitant about the dental work not being done in my home country. I would have no recourse if mistakes were done. Also, I was embarrassed to say I had to leave my country just to get dental procedures done.

Nonetheless, I reached out to them and discovered my entire procedure would cost $3,000. This was a savings of $8,000! Of course, I was worried about the old adage "you get what you pay for".

I have now taken two trips to Cancun Dental Specialists. One trip in 2018 and the second in 2020. I'm absolutely blown away by Cancun Dental Specialists. These professionals are the answer to my prayers. I have never experienced such professionalism and genuine care by medical professionals in the United States.

First of all: they are extremely punctual and honest. I was worried the $3,000 was a sucker quote to get me in country. The quote didn't change $1. Secondly, they will actually pick you up from the airport and your hotel room. They make every effort to treat you like royalty.

Most importantly, the care is second to none. I had my gum graft done and six months later visited my dentist in the U.S. for a checkup. My dentist couldn't tell I had even had a gum graft performed. The other surgeries were done to the same level of perfection.

During my trip in 2018, the head of the practice, Dr. Irma Galvadon, constantly checked on me true genuine care. She is a graduate of Michigan dental school and even taught there! My periodontist was Dr. Oscar Calvillo. He performed my surgeries with such expertise and left me in almost no pain. I'm not sure how he managed to do that.

Today I'm incredibly proud to say my dentist is in Mexico. I wouldn't trust my care to anyone else. Thank you, Cancun Dental Specialists.

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