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J.A. Lawrence Wealth Management 

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John Lawrence
Financial Advisor and owner/founder of
J.A. Lawrence Wealth Management


Your Intelligent Marietta Financial Advisor Services


We Help Residents of Marietta, GA, Make Sound and Profitable Financial Decisions with Bespoke Financial Advisor and Portfolio Management Services.


Plan for Your Family's Future in the Best Possible Way 


Every single financial decision that you make has very specific consequences, but you might not always be aware of them and of their impact on your future finances. That's why you need to consider with your financial advisor.


A financial Advisor is the best way to secure today's finances for tomorrow's needs.

With a thorough, customized, and professionally created financial plan, and with the help and wisdom of an expert and trusted financial advisor, you can provide your family the financial security that they need.

Your Family, Your Finances, Your Plan


Financial advising is not a one-size-fits-all business. Each family has different objectives and difficulties when it comes to finances, so each financial advisor should be highly personalized to meet those specific requirements. If you choose to work with J. A. Lawrence, you choose the bespoke service that comes with a genuine interest in your individual needs and wishes.


Unbeatable Local Know-How

The team at J. A. Lawrence Wealth Management lives and breathes all things Marietta, GA. We are locals just like you, which puts us in the privileged position to know and understand the financial goals and challenges of local residents.

Professional Services with a Personal Touch

If you think of financial advising as an extremely rigid, formal business, then you haven't met John Lawrence, our founder. John has the unique ability to combine exceptional professional knowledge with that personable attitude that his clients have come to know and love. John is the type of financial advisor who thrives on getting to know every one of his clients personally, sometimes even sharing thoughts and financial advice over a drink at a local brewery.

Your Journey to Financial Security

Achieving financial security for the future of your family shouldn't be complicated, and this is why we created a simple and quick process for you.

Step 1: Schedule Your Intro Call

Step 2: Arrange Your Appointment with Our Financial Advisors

Step 3: Receive Your Fully Customized, Comprehensive Financial Plan

How Much Do Our Services Cost?

At J. A. Lawrence Wealth Management, we are proud to offer competitive fees for all of our services. Our financial planning services, in particular, are priced at $1,000.

If you would like to learn more about prices for the other services that we offer, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Start Planning for the Future, with J. A. Lawrence Wealth Management

It's never too early to start planning for your finances and protecting your family's wealth.