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What Is Financial Planning?


Stop and think for a moment about this: how many aspects of your life do you normally plan out? Perhaps, you like to spend some time planning your next weekend, your next family holiday, some long-overdue home renovations, or your children's summer sports and playdates.

Most of these are short-term activities, yet you may be spending a considerable amount of time thinking about them and drawing up detailed plans for every one of them. 

Now, think about when you are going to retire. That is, hopefully, going to be a part of your life that covers several decades. Do you know exactly what you are going to do when you no longer work? 

If you are the planner type (and even if you're not), then you should seriously give financial planning a thought.

Financial planning consists of creating a long-term plan to be able to meet your financial goals and needs by managing your finances in the most efficient and productive way possible. This will give both you and the rest of your family the greatest peace of mind, which is one of the main reasons why financial planning is absolutely worth it.

Secure Your Family's Financial Future


Financial planning is the most efficient and effective way to safeguard the financial future of your family. You could view this as a process or a journey, which includes several different stages, as we are about to illustrate below.


Long-Term Personal Financial Goals


What do you and your family want to achieve in life? How is it going to work, from a financial point of view? Work with your financial advisor to set up your financial goals during this initial stage of the process.


Current Financial Situation


As a second step, you are going to need to consider your current finances. Review your income, assets, liabilities and expenses, and any other important factors, including family's health, risk assessment, job security, and more.


In-Depth Analysis of Your Finances


Your financial advisor will conduct a thorough analysis of your finances in order to assess how far away you are from achieving your financial goals.


Creation of Your Bespoke Financial Plan


Based on all the information gathered so far, your trusted financial planner will create your very own financial plan.


Implementation of Your Plan


A written financial plan that sits in your office drawer is not enough if you don't implement its advice and recommendations. Start today, and your future self will thank you for it.


Annual Financial Plan Review


As future-ready as your financial plan is, many things are naturally subject to change over time. Prepare to sit down with your financial advisor at least once a year to take a look at your plan together and, if needed, adjust it to better suit your new financial situation.


A Financial Plan That Is as Unique As You Are


Your financial situation is entirely unique to you and your family, and this is why you need a financial plan that respects and reflects that specificity. Our financial advisors know that very well and are committed to getting to know their customers' requirements in detail in order to deliver the most personalized plans.


The Local Financial Planner That Atlanta's Residents Need


Why look elsewhere for a financial planner when J. A. Lawrence Wealth Management offers you the local know-how that you want and expect? We are Atlanta locals like you, who love our city and genuinely understand the financial goals and challenges of the people who live here.


Unmatched Expertise with Our Signature Personal Touch

When you think of a financial planner, what comes to mind? Probably, a very serious, very formal businessman in a suit. Well, then you have never met John Lawrence, our founder. John is an incredibly talented financial planner and advisor, but at the same time possesses a great, approachable attitude that makes his clients trust and value him right from the beginning.


Set Out on Your Financial Planning Journey

At J. A. Lawrence Wealth Management, we have made financial planning a cinch. Discover our simple process below.

Step 1: Arrange Your Introductory Call


To begin with, you should schedule an introductory call with our team. During this call, we will gather some basic background information on your financial situation, goals, and requirements.


Step 2: Schedule a Meeting with Your Trusted Atlanta Financial Advisor


Once you are ready, we will arrange an appointment with one of our financial planners, who will be working closely with you to draw up a fully bespoke financial plan. 


Step 3: Obtain a Financial Plan That Is Entirely Tailored to Your Goals and Requirements


Your personalized financial plan is now ready: remember that you want to start implementing it straight away in order for it to work as it is intended to.


Our Current Rates for Financial Planning Services


Don't be fooled into thinking that excellent financial planning services will cost the earth. At J. A. Lawrence Wealth Management, we are committed to keeping our prices fair and competitive for all our Atlanta customers. 

In particular, our financial plans are priced at $1,000.

Are you also interested in finding out our rates for other services, including portfolio management? Simply contact us, and we will be happy to help.

The Future Can't Wait: Start Protecting Your Family's Finances Today


Don't wait any longer to protect your family's future finances. Contact the team at J. A. Lawrence Wealth Management now, and start preparing for a brighter, safer retirement. 

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