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John Lawrence is a financial advisor and owner/founder of J.A. Lawrence Wealth Management


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The #1 Financial Advisory Services in Alpharetta, GA


We're one of the best financial advisory firms in Alpharetta, GA. Together, we'll help you create a better financial plan for managing your money and saving for the future. 


We Make the Financial advising Process Easy


Planning for the future can be difficult. And, when you don't have the right tools or understanding of wealth management, it gets even trickier. 

That's where working with a financial advisor can help. A financial advisor helps you manage your retirement contributions, make wise investments, save for college funds, and more. 


Whether you're looking for personal financial planning services or business financial planning, the team at J.A. Lawrence Wealth Management has got you covered. Reach out to our team, and let's get to work helping you create a strong financial plan.


A Professional Financial Advisor With a Local Touch

One of the many benefits of working with J.A. Lawrence Wealth Management is that you're not only getting expert assistance, you're also getting a local touch. John Lawrence, the founder of the firm, is an Alpharetta, GA local who cares about his community. He gives back to his neighborhood by providing expert financial assistance. 


On top of that, he has years of experience under his belt. His skills in wealth management have given him the knowledge and expertise you need when you put your money in the care of a professional. Working with John Lawrence means knowing that you're being taken care of by a true financial professional. 


We're here to help you make money, not lose it, and with our professional financial advising services, that's exactly what we do. 

We're Your First Choice for Financial Advisor Services in Alpharetta, GA


When locals need help with wealth management and finding a financial advisor, they know that they can count on the team at J.A. Lawrence Wealth Management. We've been assisting our Alpharetta community with financial advisor services for years, which is why we've become the neighborhood's first choice for financial firms. If you need financial advisor assistance, give us a call and know you're working with the area's favorite financial advisor team. 


Our Pricing


We use a simple fee schedule to help you get the most out of your money. Our pricing works in a simple manner that lets you earn big returns for a small price: 

  • 1.65% fee for assets under management under $1M

  • 1.30% fee for assets under management over $1M

  • $1,000 for a financial plan.


Our fee schedule is straightforward and transparent, guaranteeing you great returns at an affordable investment. Get started with our financial planning service and know you're receiving expert assistance at a low cost. 


Start Planning for Your Future


Are you ready to start using your finances to plan for the future? If so, you're in the right place. Give the team at J.A. Lawrence Wealth Management a call, and we'll help you get started managing your finances in the best way possible. 


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